Smok RPM80 RGC Coils 5pcs


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SMOK RPM80 RGC Conical Mesh Coils (5-pack)

(Sub-Ohm coils with conical mesh design and 0.17 Ohm resistance)

These sub-ohm coils feature a conical mesh structure for faster e-liquid heating and an improved, more enjoyable vaping experience. Designed for use in SMOK’s popular RPM80 and RPM80 Pro vape kits, these reliable replacement coils have a 0.17 Ohm coil resistance and are best used for enjoying high VG e-liquids (over 60% Vegetable Glycerine content).


· Genuine SMOK Sub Ohm coils.

· Conical Mesh Structure for improved performance.

· 0.17 Ohm Resistance.

· Compatible with SMOK RPM80 RGC Pods.

· Best suited for use with High VG (60%+) E-Liquids.

· Pack includes 5 x genuine SMOK RPM80 RGC coils.

Advice for Users:

These SMOK RPM80 RGC coils are designed for use with SMOK’s RPM80 and RPM80 Pro vape kits which feature a sub-ohm vaping system. Sub-ohm systems operate at higher amps and require greater battery power. As such, users need to take greater care when handling sub-ohm vaping kits, filling tanks and replacing coils, in order to ensure their complete safety. Improper use may damage your vaping system and could cause personal injury.

We also advise users of sub-ohm vaping systems to consume e-liquids with a nicotine content of 6mg or less. The heightened performance from these vaping systems generates a larger throat ‘hit’, and using e-liquids with a nicotine content higher than 6mg can create a harsh unpleasant taste and uncomfortable vaping experience.