Try Our New Service & Bring Out Your OEM E-Liquid Brand

Want to bring out your own brand? Can’t afford the Machinery or to set up your own manufacturing area? well, don’t worry Vape Hedz has got your back! we are now offering white label and OEM design from as little as £3.50 per 60ml bottle, £4.50 per 100ml bottle and £5.50 per 120ml bottle.

White Label E Liquid UK

We have a graphics designer for you to use who charges his hourly rate and designs your brand there label you want or if you already have your artwork done we can print and label your juice ready to be sent out to you! Get in contact today on 01277 636221 or email us on

Design Your Brand Vape E Liquid

We Now Offer A Drop Shipping Service

Want to try our drop shipping service? get in contact with our sales team who will guide you through the best drop shipping service that will suit your needs.

Not sure what drop shipping is?

Drop shipping is a type of service were you do not actually hold the stock or sent it out yourself, you simply advertise either our brand or we can make and stock your brand for you, then every time you make a sale you let us know through the system and we pack and ship your item to your customer…Easy peasy!

Get in contact with us today either Email or you can call us on 01277 636221

Are you interested?