Here at Vape Hedz, we’re dedicated to providing vapers all over the UK with the very best vaping experience possible. Whether it’s vape liquids, vape kits or nicotine shots, we want to ensure you enjoy every second of your vaping experience as much as possible. One particular way we find allows vapers to share in the joy of vaping is by offering them the means to create their own liquid which is why we now offer these fantastic DIY e-liquid mixing kits.

After many years of careful consideration, we’ve created three different sized starter kits for your enjoyment, ranging from small, through to medium and of course large. Each kit contains absolutely everything you need to begin mixing your very own vape juices, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vape user. You now have the means to create your own personalised vape juice to your own taste. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

e liquid mixing kit

Create Your Own Vape Juice

If you’re concerned that creating your own vape juice may be daunting, think again. Our kits have been created to make it not only enjoyable, but as simple a process as possible. From adding your own flavour to an unflavoured e-liquid to mixing two completely new flavours together, whatever you desire, our kits will allow.

Experiment With Vape flavours

Our E liquid mixing kits couldn’t be simpler and what’s more, still offer an incredibly affordable way of making vape juices to suit your own tastes. Experiment with everything from mixing flavours to different levels of nicotine until you create your very own masterpiece.