How to use our E-liquid calculator?

How to use our e-liquid calculator? everyone these days seems to be moving towards making there own DIY E-liquid at home. It’s cheaper, fun to try and also can save you a lot of money when mixing at home. The only real struggle when making your own e-liquid is how to measure the amount of flavour I need to add to each E-liquid recipe, but don’t worry guys Vape Hedz has got your back with our very own easy to use E-liquid calculator.

Using the E-liquid calculator to remove the thinking…

Our E-liquid calculator will remove all of the stress and thinking about how to make my own vape juice.

Step 1

open a new tab using this link to our e-liquid calculator and follow further steps below click here


Step 2 

Now comes the fun part, All you must do now is input everything. So, to start off with move the slider to your desired ratio. For me, it will be 50% VG and 50% PG.

1st step of how to set the pg/vg ratio

Step 3

Now, how much do you want to make? I’m going to make 60ml as this is great for me.



Once you have entered the amount of e-liquid you want to make it is time to decide on whether you want to add an extra diluent. What it this I hear you say? some people like to add diluents such as alcohol or water to thin their mix but I’m not wanting the so I will leave that part out.

Step 4 

Here we have the nicotine section. At first glance this can look very daunting, but please do not worry as you are in good hands. What we need to do first is to select the 18mg button that’s if you are using 18mg nicotine liquid, or if not set the strength of the liquid you are using.

Next we need to select which base our nicotine is diluted in. Is it VG or PG based? For me its VG, which is a bit thicker than the PG based nicotine.

Our last job on this part is to select what nicotine strength we would like. So how strong do you want your nicotine hit? for me I want 3mg so il choose this button, by the way this is the lowest you can buy from the shops with nicotine in.


Step 5 

The next step is simple but fun! you will need to follow the recipe guidelines on the recommended percentage of flavour to add.

adding the flavours I want to make my e-liquid with onto the calculator

Step 6

Now lets take a look at our recipe. Its very simple to follow, the calculator has broken down each element to put into your e-liquid. All you must do now is make it by following the given amounts. The exact measurements can be found on the calculator page and will look like this…

finished recipe ready start making my juice

There are two options for measuring out the ingredients. You can either make it by measuring in ml, or by measuring it by weight in grams. For me, I will be doing it by weight as it saves me a lot of time and it’s not as messy. If you wanted to create your liquid by weight you can click here and purchase a set of weighing scales.

So now you should have a mixing cup or the bottle you are going to be using. Just start with putting the PG amount in and work your way down the list. Once you have done all that your liquid is finished.

Congratulations! You have just successfully made your own D.I.Y e-liquid. Just remember to let it steep for a few days, shake regularly and leave in a cool dark place.

Now put your feet up and wait to vape your own e-liquid.

I hope all of this helps and if you are after more information or guidance, check out the rest of our blog and our videos. But if you still have questions that you need answers for, just send us over an email.