Our top 4 methods on how to steep E-liquid

Steeping e-liquid is a common practice among many papers to improve the taste of there e-liquid and to ensure they get the best flavour from there vape possible. There are four best methods we would like to share with you of how to steep e-juice; some are slow but more effective while others can have a much faster process. In this guide, we will discuss the most popular ones we would recomend.

What is steeping e-liquid?

Steeping has a long tradition with teas, beer and even food products, this helps to either extract all the nutrition or as in our case release the best flavour possible. The process of of steeping vape juice comes down to one main factor to age the e-juice.

By doing this it will remove any harsh tasting chemicals such as alcohol, which are volatile. Steeping mixes and binds the base mixes vg/pg together along with flavourings and nicotine, this the oxidises the juice to remove the alcohol. whilst the oxidation is taking place, the colour of your e-liquid may change colour.

So why steep vape juice?

When steeping, this brings out the best flavour possible and this is a tried and tested fact! This will increase the the flavour and by far will improve the overall vaping experience, but when you vape juice fresh from a mix this is known as “shake and vape” some vapers like to do this but we advise you to follow the true steeping steps. once you have learned, tried, tested and followed the methods we suggest, you will be enjoying a much better flavour and vaping experience in no time!.

Steeping is all about the age and taste quality of your juice. If you are making homemade juice then we would defiantly advise you to steep your e-juice as you may find yourself ending up with a chemical taste. if you didn’t want to hang around for the steeping process and purchased a bottle from commercial/professional manufacture of a brand then think of the journey this bottle has already had before it ended up at your door.

So what is the journey? the steeping started soon as the mixing of the e-liquid recipe took place and has been steeping everyday ever since, it sat in the warehouse waiting for a customer to make an order, it was being shook all over the place by the courier on its way to your house and then it maybe sitting on your shelf until you are ready to use it. if the juice still tastes harsh and chemically then we would advise to leave it steeping for a while longer.

So is it worth steeping my e-juice?

In short the answer is defiantly yes! all over the world right now people are exploring tastes and creativity. This has led to a much higher demand for refined items that includes vape juices.

By experimenting with the steeping process you can enjoy the many ways to enhance your overall vaping experience.


How do I steep e-juice?

Generally speaking, steeping involves a heating process, shaking process and the overall goal of air oxidation.

The most common steeping methods of all is to store your liquid in a cool dark room. A small cupboard will do fine, whilst shaking your bottle help the oxidisation process.

Oxidisation is a good thing to happen to our juice in the steeping process. When other chemicals are reduced and our flavour enhances this can change a weak flavoured juice into a liquid bursting with flavour when done the right way.


We have put together below the best 4 methods of steeping we would recommend for you to give a try.


Method N01

Slow and steady wins the race!

If you are not in a hurry to start vaping your first homemade batch, then this method is the best way to steep your juice.

1-  place the filled bottles in a cool dark cupboard or box

2- make sure to keep all light away from hitting your bottle as this can effect your vape juice.

3- every 1-2 days release the cap and give your bottle a light squeeze, replacing the old air with new will help speed up the oxidation process,

4- once you have reached your 1 week goal, this is a great time to check your juice strength. You can do this by add a small amount to your vape.

5- if the flavour is still not strong enough for your taste then repeat the above steps weekly.


four bottles showing the change of colour to the e-liquid as the weeks go by in the steeping process


Method No2

A warm bath!

1- Fill your bowl with hot water

2- ideal your bottles in a plastic zip seal bag, then place them into the bowl of water

3- remove the bottles once the water has cooled down to the room temperature

4- remove caps, this will let any occurred gasses to be released.

5- place cap back onto the bottle and tighten, then give the bottle a good shake to help mix the ingredients


Method No3

the bird bath

1- fill a shallow bowl half way with warm water

2- remove the bottle caps and place them into the bowl of water, the water should be half way up the bottle and do not let any water get inside the bottle

3- leave the bottles to sit in the water until cool

4- place the caps back onto the bottle, tighten, and give them a shake


Method No4

a slow cooker…

1- place a bowl in the bottom of the crock pot (a china bowl works best) then fill with water

2- Add the bottles of e-juice too the bowl

3- Set temperature to low and leave from 30 mins unto 4 hours

4- Uncap your juice, let them breathe for a while. once this has been achieved re-cap the bottles and shake them vigorously