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Mouth to Lung vs. Direct to Lung

When you are shopping for vapes, you are going to come across mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung, not to mention sub-ohm. But what do they mean? 


What is Mouth-to-Lung inhaling?

When you take a draw on your vape, you will experience one of two things. A vapour that you hold in your mouth before transferring to your lungs. Or one that heads straight down to your lungs. 

The mouth-to-lung inhale is closer to a cigarette. With this type of in method, you are likely to get a much bigger throat hit, which many people prefer. 

For mouth-to-lung vaping you take a smooth, steady drag, then hold the vapour in your mouth before inhaling into your lungs. For mouth-to-lung vaping it is better to use a high PG ratio, as this gives a nice throat hit. Anything with a 50:50 ration will be fine. 


What is Direct-to-Lung inhaling?

Unlike mouth-to-lung inhaling, you take this type directly to your lungs. It is closer to taking a deep breath than smoking a cigarette. 

Direct-to-lung vaping needs a more significant airflow to cool the vapour down quicker, so direct-to-lung devices are designed to pull air over the coil quickly. 

Direct-to-lung can be referred to a direct-lung, and straight-to-lung inhaling. 

In order to direct-to-lung vape, you twist the airflow wide open. And take a deep pull similar to taking a deep breath. This allows the vapour to hit the lungs straight away. For direct-to-lung you should be looking for a higher VG ratio. So 80:20 VG/PG.


Is Both Possible?

There is a crossover point between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping techniques. Suppose you consider that all vapour needs to pass through your mouth first on the way to the lungs, so technically it is possible. The terms are both widely used to distinguish different kinds of vaporisers, so you should know what they mean for your vaping experience before you buy anything. 

What is Restricted Direct-Lung Vaping?

This relatively new term, which can be abbreviated to RDL, is a firm nod to that crossover just mentioned. It refers to a vape which is airier than a typical mouth-to-lung vape but not as airy as a direct-to-lung vaporise is. 

With this you don’t get the big throat hit of mouth-to-lung, you get a much lighter one, but it is still there, and you inhale the same way as with a direct-to-lung vaporiser. 


Mouth-to-Lung vs Direct-to-Lung

Many people are most comfortable with mouth-to-lung when they first start vaping, as generally, they are most used to this mechanism. This style is perfect for a higher nicotine level, tighter draw and a throat hit. 

Many people feel this is the closest style to smoking cigarettes. Direct-to-lung can be more intense, and if you are new to vaping, it can make you cough a little. 



One of the great things about vaping is the sheer amount of flavours that you have to choose from. Many vapers believe that they get the most flavour from a mouth-to-lung technique than from a direct-to-lung method. This is likely due to the extra air that you inhale with the direct-to-lung technique. So while you get more initial flavour with a mouth-to-lung vape, with direct-to-lung, the vapour is designed to be milky and intense in terms of flavours. 

In general when it comes down to it, mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung depends on how you smoke, and the flavour you want from your clouds. 

SMOK Nord 2 Review

When you think about significant-tech advancements in the vaping industry, you think of SMOKtech. And, if they weren’t industry-leading in a release, there was a nanosecond behind and still came with something improved and innovative. 

The sub-ohm kits, the SMOK stick and the Priv are amazing- and they are just the openers. Pod kits are exciting and versatile, so it isn’t surprising that vapers flocked to check them out. The word on everyone’s lips? 


SMOK Nord. 

It has been imitated countless times, but never beaten… until SMOK Nord 2 arrived. As innovators and game-changers it was only a matter of time before the SMOK Nord 2 took everything you knew and loved from the original – and then blew it right out the water. 

So let’s take a look at what makes the SMOK Nord 2 so good. 


Box Content

1x Nord 2 Pod Device

1x RPM Pod With RPM Mesh Coil 0.4ohm (2ml)

1x Nord Pod With Nord DC MTL Coil 0.8ohm (2ml)

1x Micro USB Cable

1 User Manual



When you hold the Nord pod in your hands, you understand that the design goes for a less is more approach. The sleek simplicity is something that has been handed down to the SMOK Nord 2 – and it shows. The smoothed out corners remain, and the uniquely rounded shape is still there. However, you’re going to notice that the SMOK Nord 2 is a little thicker. The reason for that thickness is the massively improved battery capacity. 

Surprisingly, due to the increase in thickness, it makes the SMOK Nord 2 even better to hold. 

While many vape companies opt for zinc alloy, SMOK has stuck with a sturdy, smooth plastic outer cover. However, it comes in a wide range of stunning designs, from a traditional wood effect right up to a shimmering, shining rainbow panelled beauty. 

The Smoke Nord 2 is slim, and a neat 95mm tall. Meaning you can put it in your pocket with ease, and it weighs less than the original – despite the bigger battery. 


  • Size: 95×30.5x20mm
  • Output Power Range: 1-40W
  • Built-in 1500mAh Battery
  • Resistance Range: 0.3-3.0ohm
  • 69 Inch OLED Display
  • Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V
  • Standby Current: <50uA
  • Charging: DC5V/1.2A
  • Single Button Easy Operation
  • Micro USB Port For Charging

The Mod

Let’s talk about the battery because that is the most significant change. The battery on the SMOK Nord 2 has been dramatically improved. The increase means the SMOK Nord 2 has around 400mAh more than the original. This means the SMOK Nord 2 is boasting all-day longevity. Considering the size of the unit, it is pretty cool. 

You will also see a variable wattage function, while the original had only three power modes, this gives you more control. You can dial-up or down depending on the coil that you are using and how you vape. SMOK Nord 2 has a 0.69inch OLED screen so you can see the battery life, puff counter, resistance and wattage. Delivering the smoothest vape. 

Five clicks to turn the machine on and off, and three clicks will activate the wattage adjustment – and you can hold the button to shoot quickly through the output levels, or you can do it in increments with single clicks. 


The Pods

The duck-billed pods of the SMOK Nord are a talking point. However, they bring a new level of comfort and design. The SMOK Nord 2 has two kinds of pods, one for use with the Nord coils and one for use with the SMOK’s RPM coils. The difference comes down to the size of the holes that the coils plug into, and which coil is indicated on the rubber seal—making it easy to understand and another nod towards its versatility. 

It should be noted that the SMOK Nord 2 doesn’t have airflow control, however, due to a large number of coils (the most extensive selection on any pod kit) it’s a minor thing. You will get the chance to experiment with different flavour intensity, draws and clouds by playing with the range of RPM and coils. 


The Coils

The original Nord limited your usage of coils by having a system that only used their coils. However, Nord 2 lets you use coils from the RPM range and the Nord coils – giving you more variety. The original Nord being great for mouth-to-lung draws, the SMOK Nord 2 gives you the option for direct-to-lung pulls too. 



The only rival for the SMOK Nord 2, is the original Nord. The extra battery capacity and the option of coils and RPM means that it is a direct upgrade for the Nord and blows many other pod kits out of the water without really trying. 

Simply put – the upgrade from the original Nord to the SMOK Nord 2 is more than worth it. 

The Best Juice Brands Of 2019

Finding the right vape juice is incredibly important. It’s like finding a pair of trainers that fits you just right; not only will they look great but they’ll feel great too. With vape juice, not only will it taste great, but it will help enhance your entire vaping experience too. Although it’s true to say that any e liquid, from Wick Liquor vape juice to our very own Vape Hedz vape juice will make vapour, it’s the level of nicotine, the taste itself and the quality of the vape juice that really matters. Today we’re going to look at some of the best vape juice brands out there and just why they are as popular as they are.


Wick Liquor

Wick Liquor Vape Juice is a brand that was created in the heart of the UK and is one of the most premium vape juice brands out there. With an incredible mix of complex flavours as well as a great variety in strengths too, Wick Liquor is without a doubt one of the brands to keep your eye on in 2019.


With what feels like a million different flavours to choose from, as well as a huge variety of different strengths, Vampire vape juice has become known as one of the global brands to enjoy. Since 2012, Vampire Vape juice has been lighting the way and it only looks set to continue in 2019 with flavours such as Blood Sukka, Cherry Tree and Dawn to name a few.

Dinner Ladys

Dinner Lady vape juice is another globally recognised brand whose popularity only looks set to continue. Dinner Lady has won numerous awards, with one of the most recent awards being the “Best Stand Award” at the 2016 Vaper Expo right here in the UK. With high quality e liquid at the very heart of what it does, along with a range of incredible flavours, Dinner Lady vape juice is one to watch in 2019.

Vape Hedz

Last but not least we have our very own range of e liquids. What makes ours so special? Here at Vape Hedz, we know what makes good vape juice, from the finest ingredients, the perfect PG/VG ratio and of course, the very best flavourings. With this knowledge, we created our own brand that offers incredible quality for the very best value. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Vape Hedz and ensure you’re using one of the best vape juice brands of 2019.

Contact Vape Hedz Today

If you’d like more information on the brands listed above, including their availability here at Vape Hedz, simply contact us today on 01277 636221. Our team will be on hand to ensure you’re using the very best vape juices of 2019 and what’s more, we’ll ensure you’re getting value for money every single time. Also check out our current vape deals with offers such as buy 2 get 1 free!